envy admire those who manage to work, sleep, eat, do house chores, knit or sew or paint or whatever, go out with friends, watch films and still get to read two books per week… How on earth do they do it? I’m always complaning about lack of time (maybe if I organised my timetable better and slept less hours I would have a little more time)… :S


I’ve just finished reading my first book by Aquilino Ribeiro. It’s called O Servo de Deus e a Casa Roubada. It’s full of terribly difficult words. I felt ashamed of my ignorance while reading it. I don’t know my own language as well as I thought I did. Anyway, it’s a good read once one gets over the initial shock. 🙂

And now for something completely different… I’m finally going to read Manuel Jorge Marmelo. I’ll start with Uma Mentira Mil Vezes Repetida and, if I like it, O Amor é Para os Parvos will be next. I have to hurry if I want to get some reading done tonight.

I love breakfast

Especially when it consists of two slices of toast with soy butter and two slices with that lovely elderflower and orange jam from IKEA, plus a big mug of hot soy milk with a bit of coffee, my cats sitting on my lap (yeah, they sit on my lap when I’m having breakfast). To make it perfect, all I need is time to relax, good (human) company and/or an episode of one of my favourite TV series to go with it.

Today I saw the last episode of the BBC mini-series Pride and Prejudice. I really like the book and I can’t get tired of watching films and series based on it. I haven’t made up my mind yet, though… I don’t know whether I prefer Colin Firth (the actor) or Mr Darcy (the character). 😀 Matthew Macfadyen was a very handsome Mr Darcy as well. 🙂

Some years ago I used to have a blogger blog (sounds funny, let’s keep it). This time I thought I would try something different, so there. WordPress, here I am (making a fool of myself, but never mind that).